Providing the right tools to underpin e-commerce growth

Cross-border e-commerce is a major focus of our activities given its rapid growth across the globe. To help postal organisations grasp the opportunities of e-commerce growth, IPC has for a number of years been working on solutions to boost cross-border e-commerce.

IPC gives postal operators the right tools to underpin e-commerce growth by offering a seamless cross-border delivery experience. These solutions respond to consumer demands for a transparent, hassle-free and reliable cross-border delivery of goods purchased online.

INTERCONNECT combines e-commerce solutions to offer reliable cross-border e-commerce delivery

These solutions were enhanced under the INTERCONNECT umbrella. INTERCONNECT is the outcome of a unique endeavour by postal operators from America, Europe and Asia Pacific to pave the way towards a reliable global cross-border postal e-commerce delivery service, tailored to the needs of e-retailers and their customers.

Other networks

Many of these e-commerce solutions – including the Common Returns Platform, the Global Customers Service System and STROBE tracking – are also offered for other international postal networks like EPG, KPG and PRIME. For more information about these networks, please visit our section on postal networks.