The Kahala Posts Group (KPG) is an international alliance initiated in 2002 and now consists of 11 postal operators from Australia, Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Spain, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

KPG posts, through their collaboration, seek to promote customer choice and improve service options for postal express and package services particularly by improving the service performance of their package services, addressing current and future needs of customers, and leveraging collective action and joint capabilities to expand business. IPC acts as a system and service provider to KPG posts with quality of service monitoring, a returns solution, data quality monitoring, customer service and more.

IPC’s service to KPG

  • IPC provides performance reports for KPG Standard (i.e. EMS) and the KPG Parcel network (Hybrid e-commerce). Performance reports are used for operational improvement and performance enhancement. This reporting along with all KPG performance and claims and liability reports are delivered through IPC’s new generation, Business Intelligence System (BI).
  • KPG uses IPC’s Global Customer Service System (GCSS) to enhance communication between customer service centres and to ensure a speedy resolution of customer enquiries international tracked items.
  • KPG also uses the IPC the Common Return Platform, allowing for an easy-to-use cross-border returns service between members of the Kahala Post Group.
  • KPG members also access the IPC ITMATT Data Quality Monitoring (DQM) tool. This enables KPG posts to ensure data standardisation and consistency in their network.
  • KPG posts are deploying IPC’s Mail Registration Device (MRD) service to increase visibility in the mails pipeline and in particular at the and over point between airlines, ground handlers and receiving posts.

Benefits of IPC's services

  • Ongoing service performance monitoring and data analysis
  • Access to data quality monitoring and analysis tools
  • Easy extension of reports through flexible and scalable systems
  • Access to user-friendly cross-border return solution
  • Enhanced resolution of cross-border customer queries through the IPC Global Customer Service System.

More information

To find out more about KPG or how to join, contact [email protected]