IPC held a two-day Senior Executive Forum in Brussels on 22-23 June 2011 to explore the industry-wide contributions and implication of our EMMS programme to the emerging green agenda.

The Business Case for Sustainability

Investment in more efficient and sustainable forms of transport and building energy benefits both business and society. It saves energy and money, reduces CO2 emissions and costs associated with carbon credits. It also facilitates economic growth by driving investment in new technologies and infrastructures and opening new opportunities/markets for competitive business over the longer term. With this in mind, the Forum focused on the business case for environmental sustainability, including how to get financial commitment to green initiatives by presenting them as business opportunities.

Day two explored how to further build and evolve IPC sustainability initiatives to meet emerging stakeholder/global concerns. Also discussed was the communication strategy as we move foreward, specifically: The approach of the COP17 event coming December in Durban, South Africa.