The IPC Communications team hosted the fifth Communications Workshop in Brussels, on 27-28 March 2019.

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Following a survey of the participants of last year workshop, the main theme of the workshop was “Crisis communication in a digital world”. Social media have given a new dimension to crises. Any unexpected situation can be amplified within minutes. More and more frequently, crises emerge from the social media directly. A consumer complaint can easily be taken up by traditional media and turn into a major communication crisis. Several crises of this kind immediately come to our mind, including in the postal sector. 

This Communications Workshop was an opportunity for IPC member posts’ communications senior executives and experts to share their experience and exchange best practices with other postal representatives.

The main topics of the Workshop included:

  • How to deal with communications crises on social media? 
  • How crisis communications plans need to be adapted to social media?
  • Communications risks coming from dark web, hacking, etc.
  • How to involve employees, shareholders in crisis management?
  • Strategies in case of sector-wide crises

To spur the debate, guest speakers from other sectors (for instance the airline sector) also participated in the workshop to share views. 



Thierry Dieu, Head of Communication
International Post Corporation