The IPC Communications team hosted the fifth Communications Workshop in Brussels, on 25-26 March 2020.

Following a survey of the participants of last year’s workshop, the main theme of the workshop will be “Change communication”. As for many industries, posts are going through rapidly changing market realities, leading to the transformation of postal operators, the launch of new business models and strategies as well as reorganisations. In this context, we will look at how posts and other sectors have adapted their communication strategies. How to communicate about change? What are the biggest threats? How to ensure employees and stakeholders embrace change?

This Communications Workshop will be an opportunity for IPC member posts’ communications senior executives and experts to share their experience and exchange best practices with other postal representatives. In view of the discussions, a questionnaire will be sent to all members to have a better idea of how posts deal with change communication. The results will be presented during the workshop.

Key topics will include:

  • The role of communication in change
  • How to involve employees and stakeholders
  • The role of internal communications

To spur debate, an expert on the topic and/ or a representative from another industry will be invited to share their experiences and insights with us. 


Thierry Dieu, Head of Communication
International Post Corporation