A third online communications workshop was organised on the topic of hybrid events and the future of events.

To spur debate, an online survey was conducted prior to the workshop, to explore how the COVID-19 crisis affected events and how members’ communications representatives envisage the future of their events. The survey showed that 20% of respondents still organised some physical events despite the outbreak of the pandemic. The main issues linked to the organisation of virtual events were connection problems as well as the lack of interaction. More than half of respondents had already organised hybrid events. As far as the future of events is concerned, most respondents believe there will be more online events and less international travelling. Charlie Roberts, from the large B2B event organiser Marketforce, was invited to share his vision on the future of events, while Susanne Stolzke, Head of Events team in Deutsche Post DHL and Carmen Engels, Head of Events and Sponsoring at POST Luxembourg, shared their own experiences.



Thierry Dieu
IPC Head of Communication
[email protected]