The topic of this workshop was how to make annual reports more appealing.

Annual reports used to be very austere and complex. Moreover, it can be challenging to find the right content and put together the reports. Over the years, they became more and more content-rich, as business cards for the companies. How can we make annual reports more compelling and engaging? Is the future digital only? How to make annual reports more interactive? To spur debate, an online survey was conducted during the workshop, to explore members’ practices related to annual reports. The results show that all respondents publish an annual report: all publish a digital version but for four respondents out of five, it is still combined with a printed version. Raf De Weerdt, Owner and Creative Director of Artesjok, was invited to share experience of how annual reports have evolved and what are the latest trends. 



Thierry Dieu
IPC Head of Communication
[email protected]