The fourth online communications workshop took place on 11 March 2021 and focus on “Community management and employee engagement”.

To spur debate, an online survey was conducted prior to the workshop, to explore how members manage social media communities and whether the COVID-19 crisis affected community management policies. The results of the survey showed that over 70% of respondents had relied more on social media to communicate with stakeholders and over 80% for communication with the customers during the COVID-19 crisis. Over 70% of respondents have a community management. Patrick De Pauw, CEO of Social Seeder, was invited to explain how turning external stakeholders and employees into ambassadors can boost visibility and engagement on social networks. Roberta Morelli, Head of Community Management at Poste Italiane, and Sarah Belgacem, Head of Community Management at Swiss Post, both shared their own experiences regarding internal communication and community management.



Thierry Dieu
IPC Head of Communication
[email protected]