IPC Best Practice Seminar on Customer Satisfaction for Postal Retail Outlets, 5-6 November 2008

The post office network of retail outlets is the face of the modern post. It still represents a critical element of the Universal Social Obligation and for most posts is a major fixed cost. Accordingly, customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator. 

The aim of this seminar was to benchmark operational management processes and to develop best practice models and tools for improving customer satisfaction in the postal retail business.

IPC Best Practice Seminar on Resource Management in Mail Sorting Centres, 24-25 September 2008

This seminar on resource management in mail sorting centres was targeted at operational best practice independent of technology or network configurations. Given the relatively well researched and well understood options for sorting technology, the seminar focused on lean management and employee engagement. All posts were found to be a long way from external best practice on lean management techniques and employee engagement via project involvement. An external best practice of best practice at Unipart was presented.