For the last two years, the IPC EMMS programme has focused on reporting on Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We believe that the next logical step in EMMS would be to turn to Scope 3 carbon emissions, as it is among stakeholders’ requirements and represents a relatively large proportion of the total footprint of postal organisations

For years, companies and organisations have been struggling with an unequivocal way of measuring and reporting Scope 3 emissions, this is why IPC hosted a workshop enabling EMMS participants to share their experiences and to gain practical guidance from auditors (PriceWaterhouseCoopers) knowledgeable in this area.

Based on largest coverage of total Scope 3 emissions and bearing in mind on which categories we already have some information from previous reporting years, we focused our discussions on the following five categories:

  • subcontractor road transport
  • subcontractor air transport
  • drivers / owners
  • business travel
  • employee commuting

The results of this workshop helped shed light on how to report on Scope 3; in line with international standards, in a credible, transparent yet feasible manner.