On 7 & 8 June 2022, the IPC Executive Workshop on Sustainability was held at the IPC Offices in Brussels, Belgium. 17 delegates (one online) representing 13 postal operators (Correos, Croatia Post, CTT Portugal Post, Le Groupe La Poste, POST Luxembourg, Poste Italiane, Posten Norge, Posti, PostNL, PostNord Denmark, Royal Mail Group, Swiss Post and US Postal Service) attended the workshop.

Practical information

Meeting details

Date: Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 June 2022

The meeting took place at the:

IPC Offices
Avenue du Bourget 44
1130 Brussels


Meeting agenda

Day one - Tuesday 7 June 2022

10h30 - 18h00

(all meeting times are CET)

10:30 Welcome and introduction from IPC – Gilad Tirosh, IPC

11:00    Update on Sustainability decisions at the IPC Board meeting in Vienna –
Mark Harrison, IPC

11:30 Reflecting on SMMS programme successes during the pandemic –
Pieter Reitsma, IPC

12:00 SMMS preliminary results –
Richard Hewston / Catrina Cassie, Verisk Maplecroft
• Sustainability Performance Indicators (SPI)
• Sustainability Management Proficiency (SMP)

12:30 Buffet lunch

13:30 General introduction Air Quality –
Richard Hewston / Catrina Cassie, Verisk Maplecroft

14:00    Best Practice Cases on Air Quality – Electrifying last-mile delivery: drivers, challenges, and successes 

• Post A
• Post B
• Post C

15:00    Break

15:30    Break-out in groups: Focussing on methodologies / calculations re Air Quality

16:00    New rules, regulations, and drivers re Air Quality –

16:30    Break-out in groups: Challenges in electrifying the fleet

17:00 Summary, closing remarks and departure to hotel 

19:00 Group dinner



Day two - Wednesday 8 June 2022

09h00 - 15h30

09:00 Recap Day 1 and introduction to Day 2 – Pieter Reitsma, IPC   

09:30 Best Practice Cases on Air Quality - New inner-city delivery initiatives

• Post D
• Post E
• Post F

10:30    Break

11:00    Break-out in groups: Working with city communities / governments on charging infrastructure

11:45 Innovative financing methods for new investment in sustainability in fleets –
PwC / Verisk Maplecroft 
• Re Air Quality improvements

12:30 Buffet lunch

13:15 2030 SMMS target setting –
Pieter Reitsma, IPC
• SBT resetting process
• Challenges and opportunities

14:00 Programme planning rest of 2022 –
Pieter Reitsma, IPC        

14:30 Communications (GPD 2022, IDC 2023) –
Eva Wouters, IPC

15:00 Summary and closing remarks –
Mark Harrison

15:30 Finish

Meeting documents:

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Pieter Reitsma
[email protected]


Brussels, Belgium