The Sustainability Workshop had three core modules: 

  • IPC Environmental Measurement and Monitoring system (EMMS), along with the provisional 2012 results and a discussion of next steps for the programme
  • The sector-wide carbon emissions reduction target
  • Standardisation for green mail.

Twenty-five sustainability executives from 14 companies from Europe, North America and Africa gathered in Brussels for the IPC Senior Executive Forum on Sustainability on June 18-20. Participating companies included bpost, Correos y Telégrafos, CTT-Correios de Portugal, Deutsche Post DHL, Itella, Le Groupe La Poste, Nigerian Postal Service, Norway Post, PostNL, PostNord, Royal Mail, South African Post Office, Swiss Post and United States Postal Service.

Participants reviewed progress towards the IPC CO2 emission reduction targets of 20% by 2020, in view of the release of the 2013 Sustainability Report. This edition will mark the five years of the launch of IPC Sustainability Programme. Discussions also focused on how climate change in general and increasingly frequent extreme weather conditions can impact on operations of posts.

Through case studies presented by various posts, participants explored various areas for possible extension of the scope of the IPC Environmental Measurement and Monitoring System (EMMS), including waste management, water supply management, circular economy and alternative vehicles and fuels.

Participants are kindly requested to register or to request members access to view the presentations given during the workshop.

Video interviews with participants

Alongside the workshop, IPC interviewed representatives from South African Post Office and US Postal Service about their participation in the IPC Sustainability programme, their local sustainability challenges and their organisations’ incentives to motivate sustainable behaviour amongst their workforce.

Joseph Chauke, South African Post Office

Thomas Day, US Postal Service



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