IPC Annual Conference 2018 - Disruptive Postal Business Models

The IPC Annual Conference is a truly unique event for the global postal industry: an exclusive, invitation-only event for postal operator CEOs.

The IPC Annual Conference 2018 will take place in Vancouver on 17-18 May 2018 and will explore disruptive technologies and how posts can embrace them.



The IPC Annual Conference 2018 will focus on the disruptive technologies and business models emerging in today’s economy and look at how posts can embrace them.

New technologies blur traditional business models by increasing competition in e-commerce and last-mile deliveries.What is their impact for postal deliveries and how can postal operators adapt to, and profit from such new developments?

With increased smartphone penetration the traditional e-commerce experience is evolving. Technology platforms such as Uber are providing consumers with last-mile delivery fulfilment. With the emergence of the collaborative economy, more and more crowd shipping platforms and applications provide consumers with multiple options for the delivery of their parcel. To what extent will crowd shipping impact on traditional delivery? How are posts embracing crowd shipping? Are crowd-sourcing options being considered to reduce operational costs?

As technology develops, the popularity of 3D printing is increasing. How will it affect traditional e-commerce models? Does 3D printing represent an opportunity for posts?

Drones and robots are being tested as alternative delivery models. What opportunities do they represent for posts? Will driverless vehicles represent a realistic option for posts to cost-efficiently reach remote locations?

Speakers and attendees

Disruptive technology experts from Silicon Valley, e-retailers, postal CEOs and leading academics will be invited to speak and debate.

The IPC Annual Conference brings together the leading postal chief executives from America, Asia Pacific and Europe to discuss strategic developments in global logistics. Attendance at this high-level conference is by invitation only, and is open to postal CEOs accompanied by one or two senior executives.

Provisional programme

17 May

19:00 Dinner hosted by Canada Post

18 May

08:30-13:00 Annual Conference
13:00-14:00 Annual Conference lunch

Previous editions

  • 25 postal operators chief executives attended
  • More than 70 senior executives attended from over 20 posts from America, Asia Pacific
    and Europe
  • Keynote speakers from leading global players (previous conferences have included CEOs
    and senior executives from Amazon, Alibaba Group, eBay, Tmall, Rakuten, Temando, Magento
    and Endicia)

Please find the information and conference videos of the 2017 IPC Annual Conference here.



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Events Manager
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Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, Vancouver, Canada

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