IPC Annual Conference 2016 - Postal Innovation for SMEs

The IPC Annual Conference is a truly unique event for the global postal industry: an exclusive, invitation-only event for postal operator CEOs.

The IPC Annual Conference 2016 took place in Brussels on 19 & 20 May 2016 and looked at how postal innovation can help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to further benefit from e-Commerce growth potential.

For the 2016 International Post Corporation Annual Conference, CEOs and senior executives from leading postal operators from America, Asia Pacific and Europe gathered at the Hotel de la Poste in Brussels, in the Tour and Taxis complex, once the largest central hub for the transit of merchandise through the capital. 

This year, the conference focused on how postal innovation can benefit small businesses and help them further embrace cross-border e-Commerce. 

The conference heard examples of how postal operators can successfully work in partnership with leading global platforms to facilitate global e-Commerce. Such partnerships can provide the front-end systems and fulfillment and dispatch operations to enable SMEs to access global commerce through postal delivery services.

The IPC Annual Conference highlighted the benefits to postal operators of aligning their digital strategies with partners who can help to grow e-Commerce through the seamless integration of retailers’ warehouse management systems with postal delivery solutions.

Click here to access the press release, providing an overview of the topics discussed during the conference.

Conference material and presentations

Please find here the presentations given by the keynote speakers. These presentations are available to IPC members and Annual Conference attendees only.

The videos of the presentations and speeches are available here. The page is available to IPC members and Annual Conference attendees only.

Please click here for the interviews taken with several delegates and speakers. These videos are publicly available.

Shareholders' meeting

Please click here to access the documents of the Shareholders' meeting, held on 19 May 2016. This page is accessible for Shareholders only.

Previous editions

Please find the information and conference videos of the 2015 IPC Annual Conference here.

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