IPC re-certifies three Offices of Exchange


The IPC Certificates of Excellence has re-certified three Offices of Exchange in the last quarter. In March, the Icelandic Office of Exchange in Reykjavik was re-certified with the Luxembourg/Bettembourg following in April. Most recently, the Portuguese Office of Exchange in Lisbon received another IPC Certificate of Excellence, with a further Office in Milan awaiting its assessment. 

IPC’s Certificate of Excellence is awarded to member postal operators reaching the required standards. To earn IPC’s Certificate of Excellence, the operator must first have achieved a minimum level of mail service and RESDES performance. It then must adapt its management and processing of international priority products to meet the high levels agreed upon by all IPC member postal operators.
The certification process guarantees consistency, transparency, independence and pro-active management across all participating members. 
Independent, external experts, led by the IPC Certification Manager, conduct assessments of offices of exchange that meet minimum standards for quality of service, actively use CAPE Vision in daily operations and monitoring, take part in the IPC Performance Centre Operations activities and exchange complete and accurate EDI messages.


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