Single Tool for Online Reporting and Monitoring

STORM is a web-based system that provides online monitoring and reporting based on EDI messages.

  • Reporting: 
    Provide online, monthly, weekly and daily statistics on key performance indicators for several groups and projects
  • EDI Transactions:
    Monitor the lastest EDI transactions received at IPC 
    Monitor the volume of EDI transactions of the last seven days against the average of the preceeding three weeks
  • EDIM:
    Provide several reports on EDI messages
  • Document centre:
    Provide central source of documentation for several projects  such as meeting documents, meeting minutes, ...
  • Reference Data:
    Provide information regarding EDI mailboxes (UPU CL 160) and IMPC codes (UPU CL108) for postal operators and airlines
    Provide links to postal operators web centre