UNEX Mail Measurement System

UMMS is the first web-based platform that associates all participants of the UNEX mail measurement: UNEX postal operators, panel sub-contractors and test mail producers, panellists and IPC.

  • Easy interface to provide the operational information needed for an accurate measurement
  • Data analysis and reports
  • Address questions to contractors for data validation

The system allows more specifically:

  • UNEX members to enter operational input at all times. Their input is taken into account in the various steps of the measurement, such as postage tariffs, national and regional postal holidays, day of week delivery and collection, letter addressing guidelines etc.

  • Design management interface between UNEX postal operators, IPC and the panel contractors

  • Access to data at all times for analysis

  • Configuration of customised reports and of official reports on specific agreed dates

  • UNEX members can play a role in data validation by asking questions to the panel contractors via the system

The other participants in the measurement, like the panel contractors, use UMMS to recruit panellists and to manage their activities and incentives.

IPC uses UMMS to create the panellist number and location requirements as well as the test mail volumes and types of mail to be sent from one country to another, from one panellist to another.

Access to the tool is granted and managed exclusively by the UNEX Committee's representative of each UNEX postal operator. They decide on the level of rights granted to a colleague and the actions allowed (e.g. read only, view and change).