IPC CAPE Vision system

The IPC CAPE Vision system provides global management of the despatch, transport, and receipt of international mail consignments, despatches, and items.

The system enables complete end-to-end visibility into the international mail pipeline, including postal operator and airline quality monitoring and reporting, and tracking at item, despatch, and consignment levels. It is used by 46 postal operators, 17 airlines, and 13 ground handlers.

It has a comprehensive set of management reports covering all aspects of international mail despatching and transport.  It has the ability to export report data to spreadsheet software for further detailed analysis. CAPE Vision caters to specific IPC programmes by providing purpose-built sub-modules for the IPC Tray and Bag Pools, Sprinter network, KPG, EPG, MRD, etc.

Some of the features include:

  • Reports built to provide different views of same data
  • Drill-down capability to increasingly more detailed levels (i.e. despatch → receptacle → item)
  • Visibility into the EDI messages behind the reports - flat file, EDI file, raw EDI file formats
  • Wide range of criteria selections provide personal customisation

Cape Vision has a number of modules and functions, mainly:

  • Tray Management Function
  • Bag Management Function
  • Sprinter network
  • MRD management and reporting tools