Message from the CEO

Dr Herbert-Michael Zapf
President and Chief Executive Officer, International Post Corporation  

In the postal industry, we find ourselves in extremely challenging times, experiencing business conditions more difficult than any we have seen since IPC was established in 1989.

The global economic downturn has caused a decline in letter, parcel and express volumes. The sector is also tackling structural change in the form of liberalisation, mergers, acquisitions and the realignment of sorting and delivery networks in response to a competitive market.

Through it all, postal operators must contend with postal regulators. In Europe, there are important decisions to be made on funding the universal service obligation in a fully open market. To remain viable, the operators must review investments, reduce non-essential costs through restructuring, implement new business models and develop non-traditional revenue streams. These are just some of the issues that postal operators are facing today.

IPC is uniquely qualified to support posts through these challenges. Our members invested in IPC because they saw the value in quality, expertise, intelligence and trust. We take that very seriously and our job is to use that expertise to guarantee that the platforms, intelligence, services and systems that we provide are the very tools needed to succeed in this new paradigm.

At IPC, we understand the scale of the current challenges, and we are committed to ensuring that our members have the ability to respond positively to a changing market− not only to survive, but to thrive.

Ownership, expertise and trust, just three good reasons why IPC has been the natural partner for the postal industry for over two decades.