About IPC

International Post Corporation is the postal industry’s partner company that provides leadership through service quality, interoperability and market research and gives its members a collective voice.

Member organisations

IPC members represent postal operators from Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region. Collectively, their operations deliver 80% of global mail volumes – more than 336bn letters each year.

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IPC Board

IPC is a cooperative company governed by a Board, composed of the chief executive officers from eleven IPC members plus IPC's president and chief executive. The Board meets at least twice a year.

IPC senior executives

IPC’s Chief Executive Officer, Holger Winklbauer, leads a team of senior executives that includes Directors and Department Heads who ensure that IPC meets its members’ expectations of excellence and service.

IPC organisation chart

IPC has three departments, each being led by a departmental director and a team of talented executives and staff that bring to their respective positions years of experience in the postal industry and in their fields of expertise.