IPC provides services to its 24 member organisations and to other postal organisations and networks worldwide We rely on cutting-edge technology and on highly experienced people to deliver technological, operational and cooperative solutions. Our services are at heart of the international postal pipeline and enable postal operators to improve their business and take advantage of the new opportunities which arise in the e-commerce market.

datahubDelivery networks operated by IPC are fuelled by e-Commerce and driven by data: data ensures that the whole supply chain – from e-tailer to end-customer – operates and delivers fast and seamlessly. Therefore sourcing data provision is a corner stone of the e-Commerce model and a key focus for IPC.

As international mail moves through the postal network, it generates business-critical data at source as well as in the postal pipeline. All operational postal events captured through barcode scans, RFID reads or MRDs are stored and exchanged through IPC’s Data Hub, which delivers all data services for a wide range of IPC services – including IPC’s e-Commerce solutions, the Global Customer Service System and international postal networks.

This approach – Data Platform as a Service (dPaaS) – represents a new method to efficiently blend people, processes and technologies.