IPC provides services to its 24 member organisations and to other postal organisations and networks worldwide We rely on cutting-edge technology and on highly experienced people to deliver technological, operational and cooperative solutions. Our services are at heart of the international postal pipeline and enable postal operators to improve their business and take advantage of the new opportunities which arise in the e-commerce market.

Managing intercompany pricing

The Remuneration of International Mails Agreements – REIMS – and the Interconnect Remuneration Agreement - Europe – IRA-E – are the Terminal Dues systems developed by IPC and its members, including electronic accounting system (iPep).

The aim is to ensure that payments of terminal dues for delivery of cross-border mail are cost-related, but also taking into consideration the actual quality of service performance provided to the consumer.

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IDM - harmonized Direct Mail product

IDM is the REIMS and IRA-E harmonized Direct Mail product targeting small- and medium-sized customers that run cross-border advertising campaigns. The strength of the product lies in its competitive pricing and the simplified/harmonized terms and conditions for its use.