The postal logistical chain has many links. In between each link is a process – be it for the physical movement of an item or the generation and use of data – and each process must perform perfectly in its own right and together with all the other processes. Designing and improving these processes requires specific skills and experience, as well as a willingness to learn and apply best practices across the entire network. IPC’s Proactive Performance Management service will help members to learn, adapt and improve their management of cross-border operations and associated data.

How does it work?

IPC and its members decide together on the processes and links in the cross-border network that most urgently need improvement to achieve transit and data reliability objectives. IPC’s Proactive Performance Management specialists then visit and work with the operator that manages the targeted processes.

The aim is always to assist the operator in diagnosing the issue, designing improvements and – most importantly – assisting the operator to implement the improvements. IPC specialists bridge specific operation and process management and the learning of what works effectively elsewhere in the network. Thus, over a period of time, this learning is transferred, processes standardised and performance improved.

The approach and service was successfully launched in 2018. As a result of this success, the programme continues to grow.


IPC’s Proactive Performance Management uses a holistic view of the logistics chain to:

  • deliver expertise and skills to members;
  • transfer learning between members;
  • provide tangible benefits for members (reliability improvements, costs reduction or both), and
  • enable a high-quality and consistent experience, for senders and receivers of cross-border items.

More information

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