Improving value-added items PRIME

In a world of instant online communication and 'same-day' courier delivery, customers are expecting more and more from their postal services. They demand friendly customer service, and reliability is more important than speed. PRIME is a network of 140 designated postal operators working together to deliver cross-border tracked packet solutions for the e-Commerce market.

PRIME is an initiative by a number of postal operators, in association with International Post Corporation, to develop and improve value-added letters services (Registered, Exprès and Insured). There are now more than 140 posts who are PRIME members.

PRIME's objective is to boost members' services by:

  • Ensuring the quality of value-added letter services through monitoring the achievement of agreed target performance based on the electronic exchange of delivery information
  • Maximising the number of postal operators that use the integrated Global Customer Service System (GCSS) for a faster, more efficient enquiry service for customers
  • Encouraging more postal services to work with PRIME to extend the market for PRIME members and, consequently, their customers

Track and Trace

PRIME's exchange of transaction data based on the barcode on each letter creates a progress history about individual Registered, Exprès and Insured items that can be tracked by posts' customer service staff. The data can be uploaded by the posts to their own web site and in their own languages, so that customers can access delivery and despatch information.

Web-Based Customer Service System - Letters' CSS

Letters' CSS provides information, at both item and despatch/consignment level, to the posts' customer service people, who use PRIME's web-based Customer Service System (CSS), which assures a fast reply to customer enquiries.