IPC provides services to its 24 member organisations and to other postal organisations and networks worldwide We rely on cutting-edge technology and on highly experienced people to deliver technological, operational and cooperative solutions. Our services are at heart of the international postal pipeline and enable postal operators to improve their business and take advantage of the new opportunities which arise in the e-commerce market.

Post-airline integration with FoMbA

The Future of Mail by Air (FoMbA) initiative brings together airlines and posts to find solutions that benefit both industries, aimed at implementing paper-free transport and accounting.

IPC Bag Pool Services

The standard, strong, long lasting and re-usable IPC mail bags provide the pool participants with a receptacle that brings significant benefits in terms of operations, costs and environment.

Tray Pool Services

The IPC Tray Pool is a shared pool of standard and durable plastic trays that postal operators use to transport international letter mail.

Pallet Box Pool service

The IPC Pallet Box is an operational solution developed and managed by IPC, which allows for a more efficient use of cross-border road transport through minimising equipment tare weight and maximising use of the load capacity.

IPC Sprinter

Sprinter Network

The IPC Sprinter Network is an overnight road transport network that carries priority letters between nine European postal operators.