In a representative online survey, the market research institute intervista AG has surveyed 1,000 private individuals from German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland on advertising effectiveness. The study clearly shows that personally addressed promotional mailings play a key role in the media mix.

The study, for which results have just been published, was carried out by the market research institute intervista AG on behalf of Post CH Ltd. The results show that preferences for physical or digital options depend very much on the activity. Mr and Ms Switzerland, for example, prefer to choose their groceries in a physical shop rather than online. Reclining and reading a printed book also remains popular. But they prefer to compare products online. 

The study also shows that TV ads are the epitome of advertising for a large majority. On the other hand, printed media and personally addressed mailings – delivered to private letter boxes or to e-mail inboxes – play a leading role in many ways. For example, they are given the most attention.

Swiss Post

In most of the questions posed by the study, addressed items come off best: they are given the most frequent, longest and most preferred attention. The messages are remembered longest and are often passed on to others. Personally addressed promotional mailings attract the largest number of consumers to local shops. Moreover, they are viewed by a significant majority of respondents as the advertising channel that inspires them most strongly and informs them the best. Last but not least, advertising via personally addressed mailings triggers the most buying impulses by a significant margin.

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TV advertising, e-mail newsletters, print advertisements and unaddressed physical promotional mailings are situated in the middle of the field in terms of awareness and impact. For some questions, these advertising channels are even given top rankings – such as TV advertising for general familiarity, or e-newsletters for motivating readers to visit a provider’s website. Advertising on social networks and websites is rated the worst over the study as a whole. With demographic development and advancing digitization, the importance of digital channels in the placement of advertising content is likely to increase continuously. Advertising on social media shows potential. For example, social media platforms, along with addressed promotional mailings, are rated by the youngest target group as the advertising channel offering them the most interesting information.

In a nutshell: physical mailings are relevant for effective marketing. This is particularly the case when they are linked intelligently with other channels in the media mix.

The detailed report by intervista AG with many more insights can be obtained from Post CH Ltd’s knowledge platform, DirectPoint: post.ch/directpoint-werbewirkung