The partnership is expected to boost cross-border e-commerce, while offering e-tailers a comprehensive logistics solution.

The partnership is expected to boost cross-border e-commerce, while offering e-tailers a comprehensive logistics solution.

DHL Parcel and bpost will join forces in a non-exclusive partnership under the “Dé Benelux bezorgers” name to facilitate and accelerate the cross-border online shopping experience for consumers and online stores. The growth of e-commerce also drives cross-border online shopping. By joining forces in parcel drop-offs, sorting, delivery and returns, the partners boost cross-border e-commerce and offer online shops an all-in-one solution. 

Belgians spend a large part of their online budget in foreign online stores.* The partnership between bpost and DHL enables Belgian consumers to shop at Dutch online stores in the evening and have their purchase delivered by bpost the next day. The same is true in the opposite direction, as Dutch customers can shop later in Belgian online stores for next day delivery by DHL. A big advantage is that cross-border return between Belgium and the Netherlands is as easy as shopping in your home country. The partnership also creates an all-in logistics solution for e-tailers, simplifying the administrative and operational processes. E-commerce growth which amount to approximately 10% in both countries is also supported by this partnership.

bpost and DHL are both leading innovators in parcel delivery. Last year, bpost opened a new letter and parcel sorting centre in Brussels, doubling daily capacity to 300,000 parcels, while DHL Parcel is building a sorting hub in Zaltbommel that can handle half a million parcels. Large sorting capacity is a major prerequisite for late drop-off times for online stores.

bpost and DHL are also known for their innovations, such as track and trace facilities, return options and services that allow customers to decide where and when to receive their parcel. Together the two companies have more than 4,400 service points - more than 1,900 of them in the Netherlands and 2,500 in Belgium.

“bpost and DHL are two leading innovative parcel deliverers working on a global scale,” says Wouter van Benten, CEO of DHL Parcel Benelux. “The partnership between bpost and DHL gives Dutch online stores access to a huge potential market of Belgian online shoppers and facilitates cross-border shopping, delivery and returns.”  

“We are delighted that our partnership with DHL is being extended to create an all-in-one solution for e-tailers in Belgium and the Netherlands,” says Luc Cloet, CEO Parcels & Logistics Europe & Asia at bpost. “They now benefit from one single logistics solution that makes their life easier and widens their potential customer base.”

*Source: Eurostat 2017

Source: bpost