The USA, the largest economy in the world*, is the UK’s top exporting hotspot for business parcels, according to Royal Mail data for the financial year 2017/18.

France and Germany take the second and third spots, respectively. Australia takes fourth and Ireland fifth place. The USA has been the UK’s top exporting hotspot for the last four years. France and Germany have also featured in the top five for UK business parcels over this time period. With global reach and the leading enabler of ecommerce in the UK, Royal Mail is well placed to observe trends across the industry.

When it comes to letters, UK businesses send the most to Germany, Ireland and France. USA and Australia also feature in the top five. Ireland has been in the top two for the last four years.

The top five countries that the UK imports goods from remains unchanged over the last three years. China leads the way followed by Germany, USA, Netherlands and Switzerland. For letters, the most inbound have come from USA for the last three years. France and Germany are also in the top three destinations.

A spokesperson for Royal Mail Parcels said“Ecommerce is becoming increasingly globalised in today’s market. Exporting and importing is key for many businesses and it is crucial that they select a delivery partner that is committed to a secure and efficient service. Royal Mail’s scale and global reach make us the natural choice for such businesses.”

Source: Royal Mail