Since Monday 1 October, the people of Amsterdam have been able to use the first PostNL parcel machine in the city centre. This parcel machine can be found in Aristo, next to the Sloterdijk station. With this development, PostNL is taking the next step in a trial which allows consumers to receive and send parcels whenever they like.

Expansion of the network

At the moment, there are around 3,000 PostNL locations in the Netherlands, where consumers can carry out postal tasks and send/receive parcels. PostNL will continue to expand this network according to the requirements of business customers and consumers. Amsterdam Sloterdijk is used by masses of working people who tend not to be at home during the day to receive parcels. These people can now choose to have their parcel delivered to the parcel machine. They will receive a message with a code once the parcel has arrived. They can then use this code to collect their parcel whenever they have time, within Aristo's very accommodating opening hours. Monique der Kinderen, director of Aristo: ‘We are delighted with PostNL’s parcel machine. It’s not only ideal for our clients who meet, train or carry out flex-work here, but also really handy for anyone who works in this area. You can just walk to Aristo before or after work to collect or send your parcel. This service offers added value for everyone.’

Trial of parcel and letter machine

With its parcel machine, PostNL is also taking an innovative next step in a trial which allows consumers to receive and send parcels whenever they like. Jean-Luc Otten, Business Development Manager at PostNL: ‘In 2016 we started trialling parcel and letter machines. We now have around 50 parcel and letter machines in Almere, Limburg, Tilburg, Breda and Amersfoort. The parcel and letter machines provide a letterbox with two openings and multiple parcel lockers, and are located outdoors. The parcel machine in Aristo is the second in the Netherlands, is located indoors and offers 39 parcel lockers. We will use this machine to gain experience and an insight into user choices when receiving and sending parcels.’ See postnl.nl/pba for more information.

Source: PostNL