Hermes UK has launched a printer-less labelling solution in cooperation with eBay, which will be available to UK eBay sellers when they purchase their postage via eBay delivery powered by British same-day delivery firm Shutl, acquired by eBay five years ago.
Printer-less labelling simplifies the shipping process for the customer and increases efficiency for Hermes. Labels for sold eBay items can be paid for on eBay, and UK customers will then receive an e-mail to their smartphone with a QR code and 6-digit authorisation code. The code can be used at one of 2,600 Hermes parcel shops across the UK and the self-adhesive label is printed free of charge. More Hermes parcel shops will offer this service across the UK network in 2019, the company said.

Once the parcel is with Hermes, the Shutl 2-3 day service can be tracked all the way to the eBay shopper’s front door.

Hermes said that 85% of all Hermes Send customers already use the company’s parcel shop network to send or receive parcels. Hermes expects that the standardised self-adhesive label will reduce issues with labels being damaged, badly printed or poorly applied to the parcel.