PostNL's twenty-first parcel sorting centre in the Netherlands is fully operational. Between 80,000 and 120,000 parcels are processed daily on the premises of this 7,700 m2-space in Venlo. The property has achieved the highest BREAAM certification, Outstanding, which indicates that it is a sustainable building with minimal environmental impact. As such, the building does not utilise gas, sustainable materials and equipment were invested in (incl. a heat recovery system and LED lighting) and solar panels will be installed.

National coverage
More and more parcels are sent every year in the Netherlands. Last year alone, PostNL processed 675,000 parcels every day. That amounts to a grand total of 207 million for 2017: 17.2% more than in 2016. Venlo's new parcel sorting and distribution centre boosts the national coverage by delivering parcels throughout the Netherlands seven days a week.

PostNL's Parcel & Logistics Director, Liesbeth Kaashoek, explains, 'By opening this parcel sorting centre in Venlo, we're responding to the growth of e-commerce, and we're investing in our parcel and logistics infrastructure. Due to its location, this depot is well equipped to facilitate parcel sorting and distribution not only for the Dutch, but also for the German clients.

According to Erwin Boom, Venlo's alderman for Economic Affairs, 'The new PostNL branch strongly advances our EU-regional logistics force while, at the same time, this location has provided a new job for several people who received benefits. What's more, the sustainability efforts and energy recovery fit within our ambition for a more circular economy. The PostNL branch, therefore, is a very welcome addition to the economic activity at Greenport Venlo.'

Regional parcel sorting and delivery
The parcels sorted in the evening here primarily come from clients based in the Venlo region. These parcels are then dispersed to households throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Parcels from clients within the entire Benelux region are processed in the morning. They are sorted at other PostNL locations before being distributed from this parcel sorting centre to households in and around Venlo.

Source: PostNL