The OmaPosti service brings more benefits to the users of Posti’s electronic services, and it can be used online or via a mobile application. The more than a million registered Netposti users can use their current ID to log into OmaPosti on all devices.

The OmaPosti service , which is free of charge, allows you to receive and archive letters, pay your invoices regardless of bank, track and manage your online purchases and other incoming items, send parcels and more. The OmaPosti mobile application was released in June 2018 and has over 250,000 active monthly users, making it one of the most downloaded applications in Finland.

“The main reason behind OmaPosti’s popularity is its user friendliness. For instance, its user rating in the Apple App Store is 4.4/5. OmaPosti already provides our customers with a wider range of features than Netposti does, and new functions are being added on a regular basis. We are constantly developing the service in cooperation with its users,” says Timo Korander, Head of Consumer and Digital Services at Posti.

Since 2001, Netposti has functioned as a free electronic mailbox in which Finnish users have been able to receive electronic letters from companies, organizations and Government Officials, independent of time and place and faster than a physical letter. As OmaPosti’s popularity continues to grow, the current Netposti user interface wil be replaced with OmaPosti in June.

“With Netposti, we wanted to create the best electronic mailbox service possible, bringing all mail to one place regardless of content. Netposti has indeed garnered a large user base over the years. OmaPosti is an organic continuation for it because it is easier to use while also being more mobile and versatile. OmaPosti is better equipped to respond to the evolving needs of its users.”

One significant factor shaping the needs of Finnish customers is the growing popularity of e-commerce. In November and December 2018 Posti and IRO Research conducted a survey on how customers prefer to track the delivery of their online orders. Around half (49%) of Finns prefer a mobile application which automatically updates tracking information and sends notifications on the delivery progress. The second most popular option, Item Tracking on the transport company’s website, got 30% of the votes.

Netposti users can log into OmaPosti with the same user ID as Netposti.

“If the customer has not logged into Netposti in a while, we may ask them to confirm their email address or phone number. This allows us to guarantee information security and provide a better customer experience, for example when it comes to the automatic tracking of incoming parcels,” Korander explains.

Omaposti can be accessed online at http://oma.posti.fi or via a mobile application. You can download the application for free on your phone’s app store or at omaposti.fi.

Source: Posti