British consumers welcome a tougher approach by online fashion leader ASOS on so-called ‘serial returners’ who repeatedly return large quantities of goods ordered, according to a nationwide survey by delivery firm Whistl. In April, ASOS announced that it is to crack down on serial returners with a change to its returns policy. The main changes are to close accounts of those consumers who are suspected of wear and return activity or ordering and returning an excessive volume of items. Two months later, UK-wide research by Whistl has found that the majority of consumers (76%) welcome the changes, although they are less popular with younger (63%) and less affluent shoppers (66%). Overall, only 8% of consumers disagree with the changes but this increases to 16% when related to ASOS shoppers. Interestingly, Argos shoppers are the most negative with 19% against the changes. The survey found that those in favour of the policy changes think others are being dishonest and negatively impacting on everyone else by making items second-hand and pushing prices up. On the other hand, the respondents against the policy think it is against the principle of being able to buy and return, and they worry that genuine customers might be unfairly penalised, Whistl explained.