As of 1st August, Omniva will start filling and emptying most of the parcel machines several times a day. The most popular machines in Tallinn will also get an extra third serving round to provide even faster parcel service.
According to Omniva Parcel Machine Network Manager Evert Rööpson, this change will increase the effectiveness of the parcel machines. “With the new service logic, we will be able to issue about 20% more parcels via the parcel lockers in 24 h,” Rööpson said.

He also added that the parcel volume growth has been rapid and consistent over the past years. To tackle this, Omniva also has a new logistics centre, but to increase the capability even more, changes must be made in the distribution network as well.

As of August, the Omniva website will display only the times when the parcel machines are emptied. The parcel machines will be filled during the day, and on most occasions, even several times a day. According to Rööpson, the practice that will be adopted is usually practiced during Christmas time. “We will start monitoring the level of use of each parcel machine and if we notice that any parcel machine is extra popular, then we will empty and fill it even several times a day,” Rööpson said.

Regardless of the popularity of the parcel machine, the company will take any parcel sent from a parcel machine to its destination in Estonia within the following day. Omniva wishes to bring the parcel machines closer to all people, focussing on the locations with the highest demand and need. Omniva has nearly 250 parcel machines in Estonia and over 550 in the Baltic States. More information on parcel machine locations is available on the Omniva webpage.

Source: Omniva