Saloodo! is increasingly becoming an all-in-one solution for carriers and shippers. As the first digital freight platform, the start-up has now ventured into the business of long-term transport contracts and will also offer freight tenders in the future. As is well known from Saloodo!, this actually complex business process is also simply structured on the platform and kept consistently digital.

With Saloodo! it is possible for shippers to offer different tender variants. The new function was initially tested with simple one-way traffic. After there were consistently positive reactions to these tenders, the start-up expanded its portfolio. Now it is also possible for customers to place multi-stop, encounter and round trip tenders. Transportation service providers can then bid on it and thus generate more planning security for their company.

"We develop the Saloodo! freight platform so that it offers exactly the economic advantage that our customers want. With the possibility of electronic freight tendering, we are taking companies in the transport and logistics industry a further step towards digitization and ensuring greater efficiency, transparency and productivity for all parties involved," says Thomas Grunau, CEO of Saloodo!, about the new feature on the freight platform.

Digitization saves administration costs

In addition, both sides save themselves the high administrative effort that is normally required for invitations to tender for transports - the times when extensive Excel lists had to be sent back and forth are over. After the bid deadline has expired, the shipper automatically receives an overview of all bids received and can select the one that suits him best.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL