The company will install 210 new parcel lockers in the Baltics during 2019 and a significant number of additional locker sections will be added to nearly one hundred existing parcel lockers. In this year, a total of 15 new parcel machines will be added in Estonia while additional locker sections will be installed for 30 of the most popular parcel lockers.

According to Martin Luts, Head of Omniva Estonia Parcel Business, the Estonian extension focused on the key locations of parcel traffic without neglecting smaller settlements. “This year, several machines were also added in smaller settlements while others were launched in the vicinity of existing and very popular machines in order to allow for further increase in parcel volumes,” noted Luts. “We advise customers to keep an eye on the new locations in their region. It is possible that the new locker is situated in a much more convenient location than the one people have been regularly using.”

In addition to new locations in Tallinn, Rakvere and Jõhvi, new lockers have also been installed this year in Muraste, Aravete and Suure-Jaani, for example. “On the one hand, new lockers allow customers to receive their parcels more conveniently. And on the other hand, we have noticed that a parcel locker is the trigger for local e-commerce in smaller settlements,” said Luts. “As the growth of e-commerce shows no signs of decline, we will most certainly continue extending our network in the future.”
Luts also noted that the new parcel lockers and additional locker sections were installed just in time. “The peak period of sending parcels is approaching and parcel volumes are beginning to increase. We would also like to remind everyone to plan their parcel orders ahead of time for Christmas,” added Luts.

While Omniva installed a record 100 new parcel lockers in Estonia in 2018, the country received 15 new locations this year whereas more focus was given to the parcel networks of Latvia and Lithuania.  There, 45 and 150 new parcel lockers were respectively installed.

With the lockers added this year, Omniva has more than 250 parcel lockers in Estonia, and together with post offices, there are over 500 parcel pick-up points. According to Luts, the magic ‘one thousand parcel lockers’ are not that far away as by the end of the year, Omniva will have more than 800 parcel lockers in the Baltics. This makes it the biggest market participant both independently in all three countries as well as in total in the Baltics.

Source: Omniva