UK start-up Magway is behind a futuristic project to build a ‘revolutionary delivery pipeline’ which in an initial phase could transport more than 600 million parcels a year and respond to the multiple environmental and infrastructure challenges caused by the ‘explosive’ growth in e-commerce deliveries. Founded by Rupert Cruise, an engineer who has worked on the development of the Hyperloop high-speed transportation system, the company has won co-funding support from government agency, Innovate UK, via its Emerging and Enabling Technologies competition. Magway was described by Innovate UK as “a bold and ambitious proposal in answer to manifest environmental issues and government priorities.” In a statement, the company said: “Magway is a 'delivery utility', delivering parcels between distribution centres and consolidation centres via underground pipelines similar to those used by water, gas and electricity companies. The solution will significantly reduce Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) from the road network and substantially decrease the resultant emissions, accidents and road maintenance costs. At the same time, it enables e-tailers to better service customers, improving flexibility and reliability at a reduced cost for outwards orders, as well as returns,” Magway said in a statement.