Over the full year 2019, the number of e-commerce items sent through the INTERCONNECT network totalled 60m – the highest yearly volume seen so far. December was a particularly busy month, with 6.7m items passing through the network of 30 operators.

As e-commerce volumes are predicted to continue to grow and members are more and more confident with the INTERCONNECT service, the number of items passing through the network will keep increasing.

Over the coming year, the aim of IPC is to further expand the membership by reaching out to non-member posts. Moreover, IPC will continue expanding its range of e-commerce services to improve the cross-border e-commerce experience and strengthen the posts’ market position. One such service is the Postal Delivery Duties Paid, which would allow for the payment of taxes, duties and handling charges at the point of purchase on the e-seller’s website, making available the payable amount to the destination post for payment to the customs. 

For more information about the INTERCONNECT network, read our leaflet detailing the benefits of the network.