Connecting with and paying attention to others is more important than ever in the extraordinary circumstances of this moment. Continued delivery of mail, parcels and other shipments is one of the crucial ways to make sure daily life can continue as much as possible. Home delivery enables people to stay at home and ensures that companies can reach their clients.

PostNL is committed to ensure delivery, together with its employees, customers and partners. It will take additional measures to ensure continuity of the universal service obligation and delivery of funeral cards and medical deliveries.Herna Verhagen, CEO PostNL: “We feel great responsibility towards society and all of our stakeholders to ensure continuity of our service and our business. We are doing everything we can to guarantee the universal service obligation and the delivery of parcels in a responsible manner. I’m very grateful for the commitment and hard work of our people, working in close cooperation with our clients and partners to deliver their shipments as on any given day. Ensuring a safe and sound working environment for them remains our first priority.”

Signature on hand scanner not required for now
As an adjustment to our normal delivery procedure, consumers for now are no longer required to leave their signature on a handheld scanner to confirm successful delivery. Instead, the parcel deliverer will note the last three characters of the ID at the moment of delivery. As always, consumers can follow the delivery of parcels in the PostNL app and in the track&trace information on PostNL’s website.

More time to deliver the mail and other measures
We are currently in the process of extending the window for mail delivery and taking other measures that will allow our people to take care of their children during the day if they can’t go to school. Working from home is the rule for those who can. Additional measures are being taken for people working in our operation to ensure a safe and sound environment and to limit the risk of spreading the virus.

If and when circumstances require changes to our service, we will provide further information via the usual communications channels.

Source: PostNL