Due to extraordinarily large parcel volumes in the machines, Omniva is temporarily distributing parcels from courier vans today at the Viimsi Shopping Centre and Laagri Comarket car parks. In future, such temporary solutions may pop up near other popular parcel machines as well.

Clients whose parcel is directed to the temporary distribution point will receive a text message. The parcel is handed over contact-free by the Omniva courier next to the parcel machine. If this manner of receiving the parcel is unsuitable for the client, the parcel will be stored in a parcel machine in a few days.
The reason for establishing the temporary manned "parcel machines" is to deliver the parcels to the clients as fast as possible, regardless of the unusually large volume. Omniva is observing the situation daily and is ready to implement additional measures to ensure that the growing parcel volumes are delivered to the clients without lowering the service standard.
The parcel is delivered contact-free

To receive the parcel, tell the courier the first and last name of the recipient. If necessary, the courier will ask for the parcel tracking number or the recipient’s telephone number. If the parcel needs to be paid for, the courier will set the payment terminal on the table. Once the courier has stepped away, the client can access the table and make the payment. When all the necessary operations are done, the courier will set the parcel on the table and the client can pick it up.
Omniva also asks that at this time with the increasing parcel volumes, clients pick up their parcels as soon as possible. This way we can quickly deliver the parcels of other people as well.
Due to the increased volumes both at the parcel machines and the post offices, it is temporarily impossible to reroute parcels to other post offices or to a parcel machine. Parcels can be picked up only from the location provided on the parcel notice.

Source: Omniva