Omniva has automatically extended the storage terms of parcels at the post offices until 12 May so people have enough time to pick them up. On 13 May the parcels that have not been picked up over a longer period will be shipped back to the sender.

“We ask all clients who have had their parcels waiting at the post office during the state of emergency to pick them up before Tuesday evening,” Omniva head of service channels Eve Vuks said. “If the client still wants to pick their parcel up but cannot make it before the deadline, then the client can extend the storage term. For this purpose they need to fill an application in the minuomniva.ee portal.”
Additionally, in the same portal the clients can order a parcel that has been taken from a temporarily closed post office to a replacement post office to a parcel machine. For this, the parcel must fit the parcel machine requirements – have the client’s telephone number on it, be in the right size and it must be possible to issue it without additional services that require identification.
Next week, most of the post offices in the shopping malls will also be opened. Parcels with storage terms longer than until 13 May and which were sent to a replacement post office for the duration of the state of emergency will be sent back to the original post office. According to Vuks, it might take a few days for the parcel to reach back to the initial post office and once there, the client will receive a new parcel notice.
Normally, a client’s parcel is stored at the post office for 7 or 15 days, depending on the service. Due to the state of emergency and the resulting temporary closing of post offices, Omniva automatically extended the storage terms of all parcels at post offices until 20 April. Since the state of emergency did not end, the storage terms were extended further until 5 May and then until 12 May. Now that the state of emergency restrictions are relaxed, the storage terms are no longer automatically extended and if clients do not extend the storage terms then their parcels are shipped back to the senders on 13 May. 
Regarding the restrictions being relaxed, the company plans to reopen the post offices that were temporarily closed during the state of emergency and return to normal work. Thus, the temporary parcel points for issuing parcels will also be closed soon. 

Source: Omniva