Delivery connections to some countries are closed at the moment because of the coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, Posti hasn’t been able to deliver some of the parcels to their country of destination. Posti will automatically return parcels to their senders if there’s currently no transport connection to the parcel’s country of destination and it looks like a connection there will not be opened in the near future. Most of these parcels that are now to be returned were destined to countries outside of Europe. Posti will start returning the parcels to the senders on June 1st.

 A special tag will be attached to the parcels to inform the customer that the mail transport connection to the destination country is closed because of the coronavirus epidemic.

You can find up to date, country-specific information regarding the delivery of letter and parcel items on our website. If the destination country is on our list, the parcel will be delivered there in the next possible delivery.

Refunding of the delivery costs

A customer whose parcel cannot be shipped to the country of destination has a right to a refunding of the postage fee. You can apply for compensation for the postage fee and transportation charge by filling out the compensation form on Posti’s website.

Source: Posti