Many online shoppers around the world, especially in Europe, fear that Brexit will result in delivery problems for British goods and might buy from other countries instead, according to new research. UK postal company Whistl has surveyed international online consumers on their opinion of whether Brexit will affect their international purchasing behaviour after the Brexit transition period ends on 31 December 2020. Many European respondents to the survey believe Brexit will mean slower delivery of products from the UK, particularly those in Germany (34%), France (27%) and Ireland (24%). Moreover, many consumers in Europe strongly feel that Brexit will lead to less choice of UK goods to buy online. In each of the EU countries surveyed, significantly more think British products will become more expensive versus those who think they will become cheaper. Respondents in the UK have more divided opinions. In terms of delivery speeds, they are equally split with 22% believing there will be no impact or there will be slower delivery. They are also split about product choice, with 23% thinking there will more choice and 23% thinking there will be less.