The company will grow the parcel machine network by 10% in the Baltics this year. The majority of the new lockers will be added in Lithuania; in Estonia, new lockers will be added to more popular machines.

According to the head of Omniva parcel machines network Indrek Kaus, in Estonia the parcel machine network expansion focusses on finding effectivity and the hot spots in parcel traffic. “Over the past years, we have established the largest parcel machine network with the most thought-through locations,” said Kaus. “This year, we are expanding the popular existing machines to provide even better service for major volumes towards the end of the year.”

“On the one hand, the machines located outdoors allow customers to receive their parcels more conveniently and safely. And on the other hand, we can observe that a parcel machine is the trigger for local e-commerce in smaller settlements,” said the head of parcel machine network. “As the growth of e-commerce shows no signs of decline, we will most certainly continue expanding the parcel machine network in the future.”

The new parcel machines and additional lockers will be installed by the right time. “The peak parcel sending period is approaching quickly and the parcel volumes are about to go up again. This year has already shown record high parcel volumes, but the peak parcel sending period is still ahead,” Indrek Kaus added.

With the machines added this year, Omniva has more than 250 parcel machines, and together with post offices, there are over 500 pick-up points. In the Baltic states, we have a thousand Omniva parcel machines, which makes us the service provider with the largest network in all three states.
According to the head of the Omniva parcel machine network, the volume of parcels sent to the parcel machines has already nearly doubled compared to last year because the combination of online shops and parcel machine delivery is the safest way to shop. Omniva parcel machines are open regardless of the date and time, and they are located outside where there are fewer people and the risk of infection is lower. The parcel machine touch screens are regularly cleaned, but the machines can also be used without the user having any contact with the publicly used surfaces: Omniva parcel machine screens can be used by someone wearing gloves, and it is possible to use contactless payment at all parcel machines.

Source: Omniva