On Friday, November 27, the online stores’ Black Friday kicks off the busy end-of-the-year parcel delivery period, culminating in Christmas. Projecting record volumes for the end of the year, Posti estimates that it will deliver 1.5 million parcels in Finland each week in the run-up to Christmas. In the busiest weeks, Posti will deliver nearly two million parcels.

This week, Posti is opening a temporary nationwide network with a capacity corresponding to that of 200 pickup points for the busiest period. The temporary pickup points are located in convenient places near the most popular and busiest Parcel Lockers. This enables Posti to redirect a parcel to a pickup point that is as close as possible to the original pickup point in case that one is full.

The temporary 200-pickup-point capacity comprises the new Christmas pickup points plus the increased capacity of the current partner network and Posti’s own network.

“I would recommend that customers utilize the pickup points designed for picking up parcels. This year, our customers can also order their online purchases to be delivered directly to a temporary pickup point. The pickup points also accept return parcels,” says Posti’s Tommi Kässi. For more information about redirected parcels, go to posti.fi/pakettien-ohjaus.

More than 40% of consumers prefer to have their online purchases delivered to a Parcel Locker. Posti will have approximately 2,200 Parcel Lockers by the end of the year plus roughly 850 Posti outlets offering personal service, for a total of more than 3,000 service points. The capacity of Posti’s Parcel Locker network has been increased roughly by a third this year.

“We’re talking about millions of parcels. With a volume like that, every now and then, we are forced to redirect parcels to a pickup point other than the one requested by the customer. That’s why customers should double check the pickup location on the notice of arrival. We always aim to ensure that our customers get their parcels without any hiccups. We recommend that customers pick up their parcels as soon as possible after receiving the notice of arrival,” advises Kässi.

You can check the locations of Posti’s service points, such as Posti outlets, Parcel Lockers and temporary pickup points at posti.fi/kartta.

To speed up the parcel delivery, Posti is also adding some extra deliveries. From Black Friday (November 27) onward, parcels are delivered to the most popular pickup points seven days a week. Parcel home deliveries are also expected to increase late in the year.

Source: Posti