Now that the country is back in lockdown because of the coronavirus, the Dutch population is putting pen to paper to send each other cards. Since the lockdown began, PostNL has delivered more than 14 million cards and letters per day – more than double the average during the year.

Resi Becker, Director of Mail Nederland at PostNL: “Many people want to reach out to each other during this difficult time. We’re both pleased and proud that we’re able to contribute to this: 30,000 colleagues are working hard every day to collect, sort, prepare and deliver all the mail. We’re doing everything we can to make sure that millions of cards and letters drop through the mail slot every day, occasionally a bit later because of the busy times.”

Health and safety are paramount
Through the delivery of more than 14 million cards and letters every day, as well as 1.7 million parcels daily, PostNL plays a central role during the lockdown. PostNL is making use of maximum capacity to deliver mail and parcels responsibly, while always giving the health and safety of its employees the highest priority.

In order to stay within the coronavirus rules for the processing of mail and parcels, and to ensure that the network continues to run properly, PostNL is keeping a close eye on both developments and volumes in order to be able to make adjustments if necessary.

The extra steps that PostNL is currently taking include:

Longer working hours in all sorting centres, which are now also open on Sundays
Extra mailbox collections on all Sundays in December
Two additional delivery dates on Monday 21 and 28 December

Source: PostNL