Changes are being planned for the organizational structures of Posti’s Parcel & eCommerce business group’s sorting operations. The most important goal is to update the operational-level management model of the Parcel & eCommerce business group’s sorting operations.

The record growth in e-commerce and the quickly changing needs of customers require us to be agile and ready to change. We want to continue to make sure that our competent and professional staff offer our customers the best customer experience.  

We are also seeking to make our operations more agile and productive. In addition, we will increase the competence of our employees.  

The planned changes will affect organizational structures, procedures and tasks  

This change is also estimated to have personnel effects, which will not target delivery, transport or sorting employees. We will continue to work as normal and serving customers will remain our priority. 

The cooperation negotiations target group of the change is the 84 indirect employees of Posti Palvelut Oy’s Parcel & eCommerce business involved in sorting operations. The estimated staff reduction need is a maximum of 24 permanent employees. We will support our staff during this change, and we recognize that there is an opportunity to offer employees the option of working as a sorting employee, usually in the municipality in which the employee works, as an alternative to being laid off.

Source: Posti