Omniva has expanded eight parcel machines in recent weeks and added one parcel machine to a completely new location. New lockers and machines are added to places where the parcel traffic is exceptionally high.

According to Indrek Kaus, the head of Omniva's parcel machine network, the new parcel machines and locker extensions will help to cope with the growth of e-commerce during the pandemic. "We see that the spring months have brought us parcel volumes similar to Christmas season, each additional cabinet is a great help right now. We can bring more parcels to our customers and the customers can receive their parcels more conveniently. 
In recent weeks, Antsla Konsum, Tartu Ringtee Selver, Turba store, Häädemeeste Konsum, Peetri Center, Tallinna Valdeku Selver ABC, Rapla Vestis Konsum and Muuga Maxima parcel machines have received additional cabinets. The company installed a completely new parcel machine at Laulasmaa Selver ABC.
If at the beginning of 2018 Omnival had 132 parcel machines in Estonia, today there are more than 250.

Source: Omniva