The logistics start-up Saloodo! has integrated a new feature into its freight platform that makes it even easier for shippers to find perfectly matching carriers for their transport needs. With the "Closed Shop" feature, companies can now offer their transport orders to pre-selected transport service providers on demand - worldwide.

"The Closed Shop is a great example of how we at Saloodo! continuously develop the freight platform - namely, always focusing on the needs of our customers," explains Dr. Antje Huber, CEO Saloodo! "This feature was the wish of many shipping companies on the Saloodo! platform, but also of the specialised forwarding companies. With the Closed Shop, we increase the efficiency of transport allocation and at the same time simplify the daily work for all our customers, whether shippers or carriers."

Freight platform within the freight platform

The Closed Shop is a closed user group within the Saloodo! freight platform. It is therefore a group of users with access to resources that are only accessible to this group. There are different variants: On the one hand, carriers with special trucks are assigned to different closed shops on the freight platform. For example, transport orders for carriers with construction vehicles can only be displayed to them.

On the other hand, shippers can also create their own closed shop with preferred carriers. In the event of a transport request from the shipper, this is then displayed exclusively to the carriers within the closed shop. The feature is therefore not only interesting for large, globally active companies, but also for niche markets or business areas in which strict transport rules apply.

If shippers want to participate in the closed shop procedure, they first contact Saloodo!. Once they have been activated for the Closed Shop use, these shippers enter the details of their transport request on the platform, as usual. Before they publish their transport request in the freight platform, they can choose whether the request should be exclusively addressed to the carriers within the invidual Closed Shop. In this case, all you have to do is click a button and the carriers within the Closed Shop will be notified of the new transport request. They can then submit their offer for the order, which also suits them perfectly - a real win-win situation for both sides.

The Closed Shop feature is of course available worldwide. Because previously described customer centricity of the intuitive and user-friendly digital road freight platform is now experienced daily by more than 30,000 shippers and over 12,000 transport companies in more than 50 countries on 4 continents. Since Saloodo! was founded in 2016, the company has continued to expand, including outside of Europe into growth markets such as the Middle East and Africa. Last year, Saloodo! launched the first unified global digital freight marketplace for road freight transport, enabling seamless cross-border and cross-market transport. Most recently, the logistics start-up also launched its digital freight platform in Argentina.

Source: Deutsche Post DHL