Residents of Kihnu and Ruhnu will now be able to order their e-shop purchases to the island, as Omniva will start offering a virtual parcel delivery service from 1 August.
Ordering parcels to the island and receiving them is easy and convenient. The price of ordering a parcel to the Kihnu and Ruhnu parcel delivery point is the same as the price of ordering to other Omniva parcel terminals.
A similar solution has also been available on the island of Vormsi since March. The smart service was quickly taken into active use: in the first month, parcels were ordered to the island nearly 100 times.You can also return the parcel on the island, if necessary. To return the parcel, call a courier. Returning is free of charge if the nearest post office is more than 5 km away. To request a courier, call 661 6616, email [email protected], or fill in the online form. You can also return it via your local postal station with the help of a customer service representative.

Source: Omniva